The application process

Charlie Meek

Charlie Meek

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As you maneuver your way through your job hunt, you will potentially complete several job applications. You may be filling out applications online, so they may be pre-screened by an employer. Any tests you complete at the employer’s office could also be considered part of your application process. Even if you provide a resume and cover letter, many employers require a separate application in their hiring process. Here are some ways to breeze through a job application, while providing specific information for the employer.

Make your application match your resume

Be sure any education or work history appear as they do on your resume, with consistent dates, job titles, and more. Any discrepancies could be a red flag for the employer.

Practice filling out an application

Sample applications appear everywhere online. Practice completing different types of applications, and have them to hand when you fill out your potential employer’s application for reference.

Apply in person

When applying in-person, without an appointment, take the application home. You can take your time completing it, making sure it’s thorough, error-free and easy to read. Whenever applying in person, however, be ready for an on-the-spot interview! You are showing the employer your ambitiousness for the position, and they may want to speak right away.

Apply online through

When applying online, as more and more employers require, follow instructions exactly and review each section before hitting “Submit.” If possible, save a copy of the application or the resulting email confirmation.

When applying through you will have a record of every job you have applied for and can also keep track of progress through our feedback loops. You can see when you have been shortlisted, any interview requests all the way through to negotiating your offer. Even chat one to one with the employer to ask any questions directly.

This will help you keep track of the digital applications you have submitted for follow-up. Be ready to take a test as part of the application. Screening applicants may come in the form of typing, general math or other assessments. Sometimes, an employer will require a drug test before proceeding to the interview phase. The timely and thorough completion of these assessments may be what sets you apart from your competition.